Suzuki diatonic xylophones form the base for your instrument set. The warm, timbric resonance is a result of genuine rosewood bars, perfectly tuned and balanced.

Unlike other companies that charge extra, many features are standard equipment on Suzuki xylophones, including the finest rosewood bars, mallet storage, chromatic bar storage, bottom positioned bar holding pins that prevent bending from improper bar removal and note name labeling inside each resonator chamber.

Each diatonic xylophone includes 1 Bb and 2 F# bars and 2 pairs of appropriate mallets.*

SX-200 Soprano Xylophone
AX-200 Alto Xylophone
BX-200 Bass Xylophone (deep bass)

Unique Features

Built in mallet storage.

Every xylophone and metallophone has a convenient place to store your mallets so you’re sure they’ll be there next time you play.

Chromatic bar storage.

We’ve included a special place to store the Bb and F# bars right on the side of xylophones and metallophones. It’s a no cost option!

Note name identification.

No more difficulty putting the keyboard back to a C major configuration. The note names are labeled inside.

Note name on top – pins on the bottom.

Others put note names on the bottom where they can’t be seen. We put them on top and place the pins on the bottom, preventing them from bending if removed incorrectly.

Metallophone dampers – standard equipment.

Metallophones ring on and on – you need a damper. Suzuki metallophones have them as standard equipment with adjustable handle and lock down.

Indestructible Cloth Covered Orff Instrument Tubing

All Suzuki Orff instruments come equipped with our new heat and tear resistant cloth covered tubing. Long lasting and durable, the new tubing will not shrink, melt or break. And, improved sound quality makes this a lasting innovation