Specially designed to enhance the tonal quality of each instrument, Suzuki mallets are also indestructible.

Professional mallets use bamboo handles to provide just the right resilience and bounce, but bamboo is brittle and very expensive. Our handles use a specially formulated ribbed plastic that perfectly simulates the properties of bamboo, but lasts and lasts.

EX-90 (1) Single-headed Wooden Mallets for Rhythm Instruments

GL-100 (2) Single-headed Rubber Mallets for Tone Bell Sets or Glockenspiel

GL-110 (3) Double-headed, rubber for Tone Bell Sets or Glockenspiel

GL-120 (4) Double-headed, one side wood, one side rubber for Glockenspiel

H-XM (5) Large Rubber Mallet for Soprano Xylophone or Metallophone

M-XM (6) Yarn-covered Mallet for Alto Xylophone or Metallophone

S-XM (7) Yarn-covered large Mallet for Bass Xylophone or Metallophone

TM-3 (8) High Density Felt Heads for Timpani Drums

M-3 (9) Note Chord Holder & 3-Headed Mallet for Tone Bell Sets

BB-M (10) Large felt mallet for Bass Bars