The chromatic instruments shown here are used together with your diatonic Orff instruments to form full chromatic keyboards. Order these instruments after your students have become sufficiently skilled on the diatonic Orff instruments. The chromatic keyboards come with resonator box and 2 C#, 2 D# & 2 G# bars. Combine the spare Bb & 2 F# bars from your diatonic instruments with the chromatic notes to form full chromatic keyboards.

SXC-100 Soprano Xylophone Chromatic Add-on
AXC-100 Alto Xylophone Chromatic Add-on
BXC-100 Bass Xylophone Chromatic Add-on
SMC-100 Soprano Metallophone Chromatic Add-on
AMC-100 Alto Metallophone Chromatic Add-on
BMC-100 Bass Metallophone Chromatic Add-on