We knew the Sk was going to bring new members to the Hammond Family, but were stunned at how many Pianists have embraced the Sk1-88. As in all Hammonds, response and feel play a large role in the Sk1-88’s success. With The Sk1-88’s semi-weighted action, and variable touch lets Pianists feel right at home. When the Drawbars come into play, the keyboard’s unique shape and reponse translate the Hammond vibe perfectly and accurately. Splitting the big Keyboard gives you two 44-note Keyboards side by side, which effectively transforms the Sk1-88 into a double manual Organ, if you desire, or a wider berth for manual Bass. Great for MIDI control as well.

“We put the same care into our Piano Voices that we put into our Organ Voices. They must meet 80+ year old Hammond Standard of Quality”.


SK1-88 – 3.5″H x 52″W x 12.5″ L, 27 LBS