The New Hammond B-162 Console Organ

The new Hammond B-162 Console Organ has been introduced to the Church Organ marketplace as a direct replacement for the very popular “Mini-B” organ.  Unlike the Mini-B, the B-162 is built from the ground up as a console organ in a one-piece furniture grade cabinet.  Designed by Hammond technical director, Ray Gerlich, who cut his teeth in the organ industry working for the original Hammond Organ Company, the B-162 has some very important church-oriented features:

  • The B-162 offers complete transposition (up 6 half-steps and down 6 half-steps) at the touch of a button.
  • The B-162 has its own player monitor speaker system on board with 3 50-watt amplifiers and a speaker system that allows the player to hear what is being played even in the close proximity of drums and other instruments’ amplifiers.
  • The B-162 bench has storage space beneath the hinged seat.

The New B-162 can be paired with a multitude of speaker systems including the very popular, 11-pin 981 Leslie, the Leslie 3300/3300W, or venerable 122XB for those not concerned about power and volume on stage. For budget conscious applications, the on-board stereophonic digital Leslie system can be used with self-powered high fidelity speakers to reproduce the sound of a Leslie tone cabinet at a significant savings in cost.